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That is: I visited Club From outside, it looks like an old and dirty building. But inside, the Club looks nice and clean. You may find very friendly muscular bodies, as well as Abercrombie and Fitch type of men. All of them very beautiful, all of them with extraodinary biceps, pecs, abs and pricks. They are very polite and will satisfy you in the way you want. Some of them affirm: I visited the Clube all the nights during my stay in Rio.

Read this before you overpay I just read the previous two reviews of the Escort sauna scene in Rio. I've been to Brasil 6 times and have experienced the Escort Saunas on many occasions. So here goes OK - listen up guys! If the guy is stunning This is way more money than these boys will ever make in regular day jobs in Rio - if they could find them.

This is still a decent rate today. In Sao Paulo That's because these boys are spectacular and But everyplace else This logic that says that they are all poor, starving favela guys and need your Yankee generosity is not only disrespectful to the sauna boy but plain dumb. I'm not a cheap guy But come on guys. Wise up. Best in Rio for 'boys' Club or 'cento dezessete' to the locals is undoubtedly the best sauna in Rio if you are looking for a wide choice of 'boys'.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Find Male escorts, gay friendly masseurs, read escort reviews, find escorting porn stars and male strippers. Do gay men really need a guide to getting laid in Rio de Janeiro? This sauna where muscular escorts solicit clients is also home to some of.

There can be anything up to hustlers here tending their wares on busy days, sometimes more. They are very friendly, of all types and looks, and most are working class lads from all parts of Rio. My advice is stay away from the pumped-up muscle 'barbies' who will often try to demand extra because they think they are God's gift to the gay scene.

Believe me - the down to earth local lads are much sexier and much more friendly. Learning some Portuguese is essential when visiting Brazil. Being 'chatted up' by a beautiful Brazilian boy for half an hour is all part of the fun of a place like Buy him a drink at the bar. They will tell you what you want to hear and whisper sweet nothings in your ear in Portuguese as they caress your thigh and more.

They are in the business of fulfilling your fantasies. Sit back and enjoy. Just don't get carried away with it all. Keep your wits about you. Always remember that the boys are gigolos who are there for one reason - to make money. Public holidays such as Carnaval can also get insanely busy. Sometimes you can 'queue' an hour or more for a room.

Don't worry, you can go and have a drink at the bar and the boy will let you know when the room is free. If the boy did his job well - give him a tip. You will make his day, and you certainly won't earn his disrespect.

All you need to know about the gay scene in Brazil

Not all of the boys are poor - some are middle-class lads making a bit of extra money on the side. Do remember though that it is virtually impossible to live on the minimum wage in Brazil.

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They are divided into two basic categories: There are several gay saunas in Rio at any given time; most are busiest pm, and close by midnight. None requires membership. Pay the entry fee, massage charges, and bar tab as you leave; escorts get cash. Many have a social club atmosphere, and men often come just for drinks, to play cards, to relax and chat.

For those wanting sensual diversions, most places have private cabins, and some have independent lads who romp for pay. Masseurs are house-employed, offering deep muscle therapeutic relief. Bring your own lube and condoms, but flip-flops and towels are provided. It is an art deco structure that is feet tall.

It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between and We suggest trying to go on a day that is not cloudy as you will be able to have fabulous views of the entire city and the time you spend here will be something you remember for the rest of your life. On a clear day, you will simply be blown away by the view and then can go down and get blown away by the sauna boys!

During the day you will want to lay out in the sand — particularly if you have spent the night partying at any of the number of bars and discos that rock late into the night.

The hottest people in the coolest fashions can be found at the Praia de Ipanema beach where you can rent a beach chair and chill out with hotties from around the world. If you get turned on, head on over to the section by Rua Farme de Amoedo where the cruising is competitive and intense. On all sections of the beach you can buy cold drinks including beer, and souvenir hawkers will be constantly milling about — but will leave you alone if you ask them to. The Copacabana Beach is a hot meat market both day and night — with tons of hot international studs for your eye candy.

There is a constant stream of cute roller bladders and sunbathers to make your fantasies come alive. A lot of the guys here — particularly the younger, attractive ones — are really rent boys, so be sure you know what you are getting into before you take anyone home.

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On the other hand, there are plenty of studly tourists here as well. The prime cruising spot on the Copacabana is in front of the Copacabana Plaza. The 18 kilometer Barra da Tijuca is where you can find some of the rougher waters for windsurfing and body boarding. It is the longest beach in the city and has a lot of kiosks for snacks. So, if you are looking to mingle once the sun goes down, your best bet will be to check out the gay bar scene.

In all the bars, the beer is good and you should try a caipirinha, the most popular local drink. One thing that disappoints some American gays is the lack of fetish, leather or other kink specific bars and clubs. Because the local people believe in inclusion, they have yet to set up the culture to accommodate specific desires in specific bars.

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Therefore, each bar you go to is apt to have a mix of bears, twinks, leather boys, and so on. Hey lads!!! Easy going boy from Brazil very horny and always looking for f I'm 24 years old You're stressed with the problems of everyday life come relax with the late Assunto profissional! I'm a nice boy, looking to have and to make good moments, in bed or outside Sao Paulo, Brazil Age:. Sorry, no results found! Click here to reset your search filters.